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Creating a Positive
and lasting change

Heal The Past And Re-Build Coping Skills


Early Relationships Develop a Blueprint for Love

This blueprint affects all aspects of our life

My approach to healing is based on the importance of how our early relationships develop a blueprint for intimacy and the ability to manage emotions in our adult relationships. This blueprint dramatically influences our ability to cope with stress and painful events throughout our lifetime.

When we are overwhelmed by a traumatic event our mind is sometimes unable to process the experience and the trauma gets stuck and frozen in time. When this occurs, our unconscious mind records and re-plays old experiences onto new ones. These stuck experiences create a filter that determines how we perceive, feel and respond in the present and future.

My approach enables you to reprocess the traumatic event within the context of a safe therapeutic relationship.

This experience helps to re-build the kind of self-regulation skills that increase resilience and healthy coping strategies.

Feel seen, accepted and safe

Our Therapeutic Relationship

Is A Healthy Collaboration

My job is to collaborate with you on a shared vision and intention for how you want to change and how it will look and feel when you’ve made the changes you desire.

In therapy with me, I strive to make sure that you will feel seen, accepted and safe in a compassionate and judgement-free zone where you can share anything you want in confidence.

My therapeutic GPS will guide our process towards the light at the end of the tunnel. In our work together I will integrate the best combination of techniques in order to customize just the right treatment plan specifically for you.

Real and lasting change is closer than you realize.