The Body Tells The Story

 Suffering from trauma can feel like having your life hijacked. I have so much compassion for individuals suffering from trauma and the debilitating effect it casts on every aspect of your life, which is why I’ve chosen to specialize in helping those with trauma get well.

     This is an exciting time in psychology.  There are so many effective techniques to really help people move from stuck to free quickly and effectively.  One very effective body centered treatment is Somatic Experiencing (SE).  It helps the traumatized person to clear the freeze response that occurred at the time of the trauma.  Whether it was a car accident or a violent assault sometimes chronic pain can set in as a result of not being unable to complete the fight or flee response at the time of the incident.

SE facilitates the completion of self-protective responses and the release of the traumatic event trapped in the body.

     You will begin to experience a growing sense of peace and safety and find feelings of hopelessness, anxiety or numbness transformed into empowerment, triumph, and mastery.